Preschool is a time for fun and learning! In my home I provide a stimulating, safe place to explore, experiment, play and learn for up to six children. This small intimate setting provides each child with one-one-one time every class as well as the opportunity to build friendships within a small caring group. The program offers an active hands-on approach to learning. The approach develops the whole child by giving them experiences and opportunities which will help them develop socially, physically, emotionally and academically. I strive to give each child the foundations that prepare them for kindergarten and guide them toward a lifetime love of learning. (and they'll be having FUN, FUN, FUN)

Our Preschool

The Preschool Room
Discover and pretend in the home corner

Cozy-up and read
Cultivate your imagination
Create and explore the artist within

Learn to love learning!

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